Friday, February 3, 2017

In the Beginning

In the beginning, there were stars, and gods living in the stars, and it was dense and hot with so much clustered together. Sometimes the world unwound, and then the world created other worlds, with more stars.

When the world was created, it turned one way, and when it was destroyed, it turned the other way and the gods never minded, because they knew something was always being created as it was being destroyed. They never disappeared; they were gods.

 In and out, in and out. On and on it went, in a circle, like a serpent or a spiral.

This is why we love the circle.

The gods created other worlds within worlds, and filled them with creatures, some of whom are known to us, and many of whom have long since perished.

One day the gods created a creature who would look like them, but they included a special trick; they separated man's heart from his head. We would never know that we were made like gods.

 They split us in two and we go by many names: yin and yang, male and female, anima and animus. And at first, it was the anima who ruled over everything.

It is documented how much we enjoyed life, how we loved creating as the gods created, and how we did so without thinking. To create was the greatest pleasure....but for the ever present problem that our hearts and heads remained unbound. Untethered. Untied to each other.